Edged Weapons

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: This Japanese bayonet is in nice condition showing some wear and age. Blade has not been sharpened but does show some greying. Grips are nice with no cracks. Scabbard shows an overall patina with several paint droplets. Late war rubberized frog is in fair condition with some damage to strap. Blade is Kokura arsenal marked. 

PRICE $125.00

Item Number: 212

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PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: This Japanese Late War Bayonet with Rubber Scabbard is in nice condition showing some wear to scabbard. Rubber scabbard shows some damage to frog area. Scabbard is still in one piece. Bayonet is in real nice unsharpened condition. Blade has no rust or pitting. Release button functions great. Some stamped numbers to pommel. There is one ding to one wooden grip. Blade is "National Denki" maker marked. 

PRICE $185.00

Item Number: 639

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