Edged Weapons

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Bolo scabbard is in nice solid condition showing some wear. Scabbard is marked A.K. Co. 1918. Scabbard is named in ink to backside. Complete with hard insert. 

PRICE $40.00

Item Number: 149

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PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: This Remington bayonet is in nice condition with no rust or pitting. Bayonet is 1917 dated. There is no scabbard. 

PRICE $135.00

Item Number: 210

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PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: This WW1 U.S. Remington M1917 Bayonet is in nice condition showing some wear. Blade shows some greying but no rust or sharpening. Blade is 1913 10 17 Remington marked. Wood grips are nice with no dents or cracks. Release button works great. Scabbard is nice with leather being 1918 dated. Metal tip to scabbard is M.S. stamped. Green leather scabbard is nice and solid with all stitching intact. 

PRICE $125.00

Item Number: 631

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